When An Introvert Extroverts

It’s been an extroverting sort of week.

Yesterday, I interviewed a guest for The Quiet Warrior Podcast. That took one hour, longer than expected.

Interviewing takes a lot out of me – there’s the mental focus (checking off things in my head, looking at my notes to make sure I’ve covered everything, remembering to press the Record button haha).

There’s the energetic exchange – being present, eye contact, smiling and nodding and responding with empathy and sensitivity.

At the end of it, I was ready for a nap.

But there were still two more extroverted activities to tick off.

Our weekly Zoom session from 6-6.30pm with Quiet Women Circle – the introverted ladies in our Meetup community – which I always look forward to.

Finally, at 7pm, a business networking event in my neighbourhood that I had promised the host I would attend.

I shuddered when the MC announced a 5-minute break by raising his voice and saying, “Alright, 3-2-1, MINGLE!”

Everyone laughed.

Me? I headed to the back of the room for some water.

But I did make a point to speak with the host and a few people, who then introduced me to other people.

When the event officially ended, we were invited to stay on and network, which most people did.

I FLED for the exit with no apologies haha.

What’s the most extroverted thing you’ve done this week? xx