Uncover your core purpose with these 3 questions

These three pointers by Susan Cain guide me home to my true self whenever I have moments of overwhelm or impostor syndrome.

Each of us has been gifted with our own unique worth. Our stories, our sufferings, our successes, the lessons unconsciously absorbed from family, mentors and authority figures, the opportunities we have been given, they all point us to what we are here to do.

This year I “remembered” that I have always loved the power of words and music to heal, to soothe, to uplift.

I “remembered” how much I love making a difference in people’s lives by being my intuitive, empathetic, compassionate self as a coach and mentor to introverts and quiet achievers.

And I realized that I envy those who have learned to weave time freedom into what they do, so they are not just living for the weekends.

What do you love, what do you gravitate to, and what do you envy?