What story are you telling yourself?

We often know the right thing to do but talk ourselves out of it, so it never gets done.

They will never agree, so what’s the point.

I don’t meet all of the criteria.

The others are way more qualified.

And how about this gem:

It’s got to be perfect or it’s not worth doing.

These stories – or excuses – are powerful because there is a grain of truth in there.

Maybe they will reject your idea. (And that’s okay. It’s about the idea, not about you as a person. Very important to separate the two!)

Maybe you don’t meet 100% of the criteria. (But you have other talents and experience and quiet superpowers that may win the day for you, if you summon the courage to mention them.)

Maybe the others are more qualified, wealthier, come from all the right schools, know all the right people. (But they don’t have the richness of experience and the compassion and empathy that the School of Hard Knocks has given you. They don’t have the essence of what makes you quintessentially YOU.)

Demanding perfection of ourselves, others, and life, is one of the most insidious self-sabotaging strategies out there.

I know, because I am guilty of it.

It sounds good doesn’t it.

What’s wrong with wanting perfection and excellence and a high standard?

Nothing – except when it becomes the barrier to getting necessary things done.

The next time you start to talk yourself out of something you know needs to be done, ask yourself what’s really at the root of it.

What story are you telling yourself?

And is it true – or is it time for a new narrative?