Why you shouldn’t share your dreams

Have you ever embarked on a new project or course of study….

Felt inspired by something you read…

Had a brilliant idea to start a business or pursue an opportunity…

And you got so enthused you wanted to run out immediately and share it with the whole wide world, starting with your family and friends

Because we share good things with those we love, right?


This is not just my experience, but the experience of many others I have spoken with.

Not everyone will understand your excitement.

Not everyone will be ready and open to hear about your radical new thing.

Not everyone will be happy for you that you have found something you love and are passionate about.

(And this one is for introverts and highly sensitive persons especially)

Not everyone will appreciate that it took courage for you to speak up or to come to your decision.

To some, especially the ones closest to you who think they know you best, it may look like a moment of madness (“Here they go again. What now?”), and their response might be anything from a tolerant smile to mental eye-rolling to actively discouraging you from your path.

So don’t take it personally when your enthusiasm is met by non-comprehension or disinterest or skepticism.

Put your energies into your dream – your calling – your vision.

Spend more time with those who instinctively get and support you, who boost your energy instead of draining it.

And be very, very discerning in who you share your dream with.

Builders, uplifters, secret keepers, and kindred spirits on the journey.

Not dream stealers and joy squashers.

And never feel obliged to update or disclose your dream freely to others, unless you feel safe to do so.